DBS Voluntary Vetting Scheme

UKAdance have partnered with Due Diligence Check (DDC) a DBS registered body to create the UKA DBS vetting scheme. UKAdance will act as regulator and ask the exempted questions “Do you have any unspent or spent criminal convictions” “Does your name appear on any list of people deemed unsuitable to work with children or vulnerable adults”

Members will be required to obtain check or disclosure through DDC and, subject to being satisfactory, will issue a certificate to the UKA. Whilst disclosure itself cannot be displayed the certificate can. (A payment of £5 to be made to the UKA to receive this certificate) Applicants must agree to:

  •     Notify the UKA in the event that they are charged with a criminal offence after clearance.
  •     Notify if they are the subject of any report about their actions which may be covered by Protection legislation.
  •     Co-operate fully in the process of evaluating the seriousness & relevance of any information shown on the disclosure.
  •     Permit the retention on file any relevant information about them needed to operate the scheme, and their suitability to participate.
  •     Re-new the disclosure process every 3 years or sooner upon request by the UKA.
  •     Return all certificates if requested.

The scheme has formal policies not to treat unfairly any applicant who does have criminal convictions. They will assess the relevance and seriousness of any such convictions and relate them to the applicant’s role. This policy is printed in full on the back of the application. Members wishing to participate should provide their name and contact details to DDC.

Members only. Tel: 0845 644 3298 or 0116 260 3055 Fax: 0845 644 3298 or uka@ddc.uk.net

Applications forms will be sent. All documents sent with the application will be returned within 48 Hours.