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Conference message from UKAdance’s President

In 1606, England, Wales and much of Scotland were put into quarantine and lockdown due to a bout of the ‘Black Death’ plague sweeping across the nation. During this period of enforced self-isolation, William Shakespeare used the time to pen two plays; ‘King Lear’ & ‘Macbeth’. Four hundred and fourteen years later, we are in self-isolation again, this time due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

These are the most extra-ordinary and trying times the developed world has known since the second world war. The restrictions placed upon our everyday lives can feel traumatic and claustrophobic, but they are necessary for the protection of those we know and love. UKAdance published teaching guidelines…

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RSOBHD Announcement

The Royal Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing wish to advise that at the RSOBHD meeting on Sunday 17th May, the Board membership accepted the recommendation from the Technical Committee that the 2020 Championship steps and the Scottish National Dance Premiership steps are to be carried forward to 2021.

The steps that were passed previously for 2021 will now be carried forward to 2022.

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