Requirements and Advice for Test Day

Teachers' Guide & Advice for Test Day

Exam Sessions

Assessment of pupils for Achievement Awards is an essential ingredient for the success of your business. They give incentive and reward – vital factors for achieving, improving and retaining standards and continuing regular attendance. Used before holidays and breaks they can also be a strong retention tool. Always advise pupils well in advance of the date (at least 2/3 months).A poster is available for this purpose This will improve regularity of attendance and an increase in extra tuition. The presentation is a major part of the operation, and these events often attract relatives, particularly brothers and sisters, who often decide to come to classes. Be sure that new class details are visible and brought to attention on presentation day.

Candidates can only be entered by fully paid up members

The session must be requested by using the online application on our website

Be sure to complete all details including approx. value of tests and the date, times & venue

An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent via email and the appointed Examiner will contact you.

The price list is available on the forms page under teacher resources and is password protected. Click HERE.

Tests below £200 can be submitted on DVD. Please enquire about conditions. Awards are charged as standard price list plus postage

DVD submissions can also apply for tests above this value or for candidates that cannot attend on the session date.  Tests taken in advance can be assessed by the Examiner electronically on the session day or sent to Centenary House at a later date.

DVD submissions are not permitted for any Grade Exams.

In the exceptional situation of an Examiner attending for amounts below £200, there is a surcharge of 20 per cent. This is subject to local Examiner availability and cannot be guaranteed.

For all sessions postage is added at scaled charges shown on the price list.

ALL MONIES MUST BE PAID TO THE EXAMINER ON THE DAY OF THE TEST. Or you can pay by BACS transfer or card the Monday after the session.

Failure to do so will result in retention of report forms pending payment.


The appointed Examiner will contact you prior to the date. Be sure to have their contact details and leave yours with them. A MOBILE NUMBER IS USUALLY THE BEST OPTION. Directions should be given or sent to the Examiner. At this stage any dietary preferences should be established.

The main task is the preparation of forms.

Individual Report Form

An individual report form for each test should be prepared. AR1(smaller A5 size) & AR2 (A4 size) cover most subjects but HR2 for Highland and AR3 for musical Theatre & Drama are also used. Regulated and Domestic Theatre Grades also use different forms.

Smaller A5 size form AR1 / AD1(Acrodance only)

For tests in every style: Below Bronze, Uni-Ted, Intros, Princess/Pirate, Starter Star, 1 Dance Tests, Pre-Bronze, Dance Around the World, Preliminary Theatre Grades, Beginners Fling & Swords, National Intros

In the Uni-Ted Award Scheme, Starter Star and Princess/Pirate - Pass / Not Yet Achieved are used.

Intros, 1 Dance Tests, Pre-Bronze, Dance around the World and Preliminary Theatre Grades - Pass / Commend / Highly Commend are used.

Larger A4 size  forms AR2/AR3/HR2

AR2 - multiple subjects / AR3 - Musical Theatre & Drama / HR2 - Highland / AD2 - Acrodance

These forms are used for Bronze & above (Domestic & Regulated Grades require different forms)

Pass / Pass+ / Commended / Highly Commended / Honours / Distinction are used

The Candidate should hand the form personally to the Examiner

Listing Sheets

From the individual report forms listing sheets MT2 must be compiled.

Entries should first be divided into different styles (i.e. Ballroom, Freestyle, Ballet, Cheer etc).

Within these different styles the entries should be listed starting with the lowest level.  Each level should be on a separate sheet.  For smaller numbers please space levels on one side.

Different styles cannot be mixed on one side of the form

When the forms are completed please number each side.


Requisition Form

A listing of how many of each award is required compiled by the Teacher. At the end of the session this form must be checked by The Examiner. Be sure that correct delivery details are shown, together with the SCHOOL NAME (which appears on Certificates) and PRESENTATION DATE (The awards will be despatched in the week preceding this date)



All forms should be prepared

Assign staff or helpers to various tasks like form distribution, Music  etc. DO NOT MULTI-TASK

Place a suitable table and chair in a floor level, draught free, well-lit position away from speakers.

Welcome the Examiner personally and offer light refreshment after their journey.

Throughout the day suitable refreshment and breaks should be provided for The Examiner.


Ideally the candidate should hand the report  form to the Examiner with a formal greeting.

Candidates  should  rehearse the greeting which could include the Examiner’s name.

Thanking the Examiner afterwards is also appropriate.

It is best not to hand the form to the candidates until they are ready to enter the assessment room

Bringing candidates of the same level into the room together has many advantages. All candidates remain in the room until completion. The fact that the candidate is in the room for longer will be positively monitored by waiting parents.

Multi dance tests can be run with each dance performed individually by candidates in rotation, this makes partnering and music cueing much simpler.

The Examiner would retain the papers in correct order for subsequent dances, please ensure that correct rotation is maintained, double check by saying candidate’s name beforehand.

Exam Guide

We offer the Uni-Ted system for young pupils. We offer the 6 series and the 12 series, your pupil would do a Master Plaque 1st. The plaque has 6 or 12 Balloons on with the first one already embossed. For this they would receive the plaque and a pin on badge saying welcome to the Uni-Ted Club.

Then every exam after would be a coloured badge to fill the plaque up. You get a coloured balloon to stick on the plaque and the same coloured pin on badge with each of these exams.

We have a variety of colours available and you can do them in whatever style of dancing you like. You also get a certificate for each award.

Each exam only needs to be a very simple 8 bar repeatable routine.

Once the plaque has been filled up your pupils can then do the Top Ted award, which is a big resin teddy bear trophy. This could be a couple of routines as it's the final exam in the scheme. 

We also offer intros, princess, one dance badge and pre-bronze before Bronze level. These are just basic 16 bar repeatable routines.

Then it would go on to Bronze & Above level.

For Ballroom & Latin it is 2 dances/routines for Bronze/Bronze Bar, 3 dances/routines for Silver/Silver Bar, 4 dances/routines for Gold to Laurel and 5 dances/routines for Gold Star onwards.

For Theatre subjects (Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Drama etc.), Cheerdance, Street, Freestyle etc. it would only need to be one or two dances mixing up speeds, complexities.

We also offer Grade Exams for Theatre subjects, which are taught from a set syllabus. These can be Domestic (you get an award and certificate from us) or Regulated (count towards UCAS points and you would only get a certificate).