Advice regarding the current situation

March 26th 2020 Update regarding insurance cover

We have been trying to get clarification from the insurers about teaching by video, whether it be live or through pre-recorded clips. We sent the below to the insurance company, to be used as a waiver for teaching remotely.

“Anyone wishing to take part or join in with this dance video must adhere to the following terms:-

Anyone taking part, learning or dancing along with this dance video, dance clip or dance stream does so at their own risk. (insert school name or teachers name here) does not accept any responsibility for each individual or group of individuals who may be watching, joining in or dancing along with this dance video, dance clip or dance stream.

In order to take part/learn/dance along with this dance video, dance clip or dance stream you must first make sure that you are in good enough health/physical condition to be able to do so. If you are under doctors orders, have an underlying health condition or have received medical advice that would normally preclude you from a physical activity (such as dance and/or dance fitness) you should not join in or dance along with this dance video, dance clip or dance stream.

You must also create a safe area to dance in. You must make sure that the area you are about to dance/exercise in is suitable for the type of dance or exercise that is contained in the dance clip, dance video and dance stream you are about to watch. The area must be a flat surface, be clear of obstruction (such as tables, light fittings, rugs), be big enough and again suitable for the style of dance/dance exercise you are about to take part in.

By watching this dance video, dance clip or dance stream you agree to the above terms and conditions.”

Their reply was this:

We have now received the following advice from Hiscox

Remote Working/coaching/instructing

We can advise you that your teachers/instructors can coach/instruct remotely, including uploading general videos, on the basis that:

·         The teacher/instructor should be suitably qualified to instruct on the activity

·         The activity being suitable to be undertaken in someone’s home

·         The teacher reminds participants to check their surroundings are clear and to keep any pets or distractions away during exercise

·         The teacher should specify at the start of any video that this is general guidance and anyone doing the exercise should be aware of their own capabilities and only do what they are comfortable to do or seek medical advice if in any doubt

·         The teacher should remind participants to stay hydrated.

·         The teacher/instructor should be mindful with regard to the use of copyrighted music/material

If your coaches/instructors are coaching vulnerable adults or anyone under 18 there are potential safeguarding points we need to consider

·         Gain written consent from parents and explain what the purpose of the training is, when it will be done, on what platform etc.

·         Use an online-share platform – that way the teacher will not necessarily need access to the children’s contact details and only use it for the purpose of the training.

·         Do not make contact with athletes outside of the training unless with parental consent.

·         Ensure that you and the athletes wear appropriate clothing at all times

So please make sure that the disclaimer is included in any general video or if you are sending videos to specific people that they have seen and agreed to the disclaimer.

March 24th 2020 Update

Centenary House is now closed until further notice. We are still working remotely, but the best way to contact us would be by email:

March 20th 2020 Update

It is with regret, and after investigating every possibility, that we are cancelling all examination and assessment sessions with immediate effect and until further notice.

Due to the present uncertainties we are unable to confirm any future dates. You can be assured that we will seize the opportunity to stage them as soon as it is practically possible.

The UK Highland Championships which were due to be held on 21st/22nd March 2020. All being well the event will now be held on the weekend of 31st October/1st November at the same venue with all current entrants to the event being carried forward to the date. All dance numbers already issued for this weekends event will be valid on the new date.

Due to the closure of The Winter Gardens we also have to cancel our Conference including The Summer Premier and Cheerdance events, previously scheduled for 30th/31st May. The Winter Gardens do not have any vacant weekends to offer until well into 2021, making any rescheduling impossible.

March 19th 2020 Update

Government Guidance regarding COVID 19. We are monitoring the situation carefully, and we will continue to signpost any other updates/information as appropriate.

Press release: government announcement of 18th March 2020: CLICK HERE

COVID-19: Guidance to educational settings: CLICK HERE

Coronavirus (COVID-19): government response: CLICK HERE

Coronavirus (COVID-19): government guidance: CLICK HERE

COVID-19: guidance for employees, employers and businesses: CLICK HERE

COVID-19: complete ban on evictions and additional protection for renters: CLICK HERE

COVID-19: guidance for small and medium sized businesses: CLICK HERE

March 18th 2020

We appreciate that you and the whole membership are experiencing uncertainty about your dance business. At this present time there is no legislation in place which forbids you from continuing your business in the normal way. The reality is that Government advice has been voiced about social distancing and as a result of this individuals are making their own decisions about attendance at group events. There are no instant remedies and you can only take measures to lessen the impact. Some suggestions are private tuition or the use of digital methods.

“Please note members using social media methods to teach, where membership includes liability insurance through UKAdance, will only be covered if you are able to risk assess and supervise live both audibly and visually your student/s.”

Please note guidance in this email is subject to change as Government guidelines are changing constantly.

Assessment sessions

As things stand examination sessions are still feasible, but the following extra precautions are essential.

Advance preparation.
1/  Compile a strict timetable which takes account of solo individual performances. It is regretted that multi partnering must be avoided. This timetable should take into consideration a time allowance for each candidate including arrival and departure.
2/  Waiting areas should be kept as clear as possible with only the next candidate present.
3/  Somebody should be appointed to control entry and exits to the waiting area.

Assessment sessions can still take place with or without an examiner present. The ideal scenario would be to submit your session by digital format (USB, DVD, File transfer). It will probably be most practical to make recordings over an extended period of time rather than attendance at a single session, perhaps following a class. Please note that after transferring your footage to the format of your choice you should delete it from the original device. Members wishing to enter Regulated Grades sessions must contact the office beforehand.

Guidance on educational settings regarding Covid 19 can be found on the government’s website, you can click this link. (


It is with sincere regret that we must inform you that the Medallist competition on the 5th April and the Group of the Year competition on the 26th April, both due to be held at the Wythenshawe Forum, will no longer take place.

Although every effort was being made to hold these events pressure from members, not being able to get assurances from the hall and perceived government moves, have all contributed to this decision.

Jean Rowbotham

Due to the present situation our event to celebrate Jean’s 100th birthday has been postponed. To try to make her feel that we are all thinking about her PLEASE SEND HER A CARD even if you never met her- it would mean so much to her to feel that so many people are thinking of her. Her address is: Genesis Retirement Home, 197 Peter Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 8ES.

Remember until such time as we are given clear and concise directives by government to close, the decision is down to the individual school.

Please keep safe, keep healthy and keep in contact with your pupils.

Warm regards

David Roberts