Tattoo Dance Company 2020 Applications

Tattoo Dance Company Application 2020

Dance Director – Aileen Robertson

Applications for the Tattoo Dance Company 2020 are now being accepted. 

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is seeking talented volunteer dancers from any Organisation affiliated to the Royal Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing. Dancers will perform in front of a live international audience of 8,800 - a total of 220,000 during the season. 

Since its inception in 1950, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo has raised over £12m for charitable causes, including funds to bolster traditional Scottish music and dance across Scotland. The Tattoo is proud of its ambition to raise £1m each year going forward. Celebrating our 70th anniversary in 2020, we are delighted to welcome applications from both new and returning volunteers to help us celebrate this momentous event and achieve this ambition.

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo will take place from 7-29 August 2020.  Successful applicants must arrive in Edinburgh no later than Friday 31 July 2020 for rehearsals prior to performances commencing.

Who Should Apply

Applicants must be 16 years or over as at 1 July 2020 and must be of Premier Standard which must be maintained throughout the year.

What Would Be Required

Dancers must maintain a level of fitness to enable them to perform to a high standard.  Should you be selected, your Dance Teacher will be contacted to confirm your regular attendance at classes. 

Dancers may take part in competitions and work during the Tattoo but priority must be given to the Tattoo by arriving on time for both rehearsals and performances. Therefore, dancers must be prepared to give up other obligations if necessary to be available / flexible to attend extra rehearsals called at the request of the Dance Director or performances during the period.

All dancers are responsible for all travel costs both to and from Edinburgh.  Accommodation and meals will be provided for the duration of the Tattoo including rehearsals for all dancers. Airport transfers will be provided where possible for overseas dancers arriving on Friday 31 July and departing on Sunday 30 August.

The dancers are under the direction of Aileen Robertson, the Dance Director for The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and Tattoo Dance Company.  

Due to competition rules, all dancers performing in the Tattoo Dance Company will be unable to compete at an event where the Dance Director is an Adjudicator for 3 months following the last performance on 29 August 2020.  The same rule will apply to any dancer(s) who are RSOBHD Adjudicators who may be performing as part of the Tattoo Dance Company.

How To Apply

All applications should be submitted to no later than Friday 17 January 2020.  If you have any questions at all – relating to required performance standard, commitment required etc - please contact Aileen on the above email address to discuss.

All UK based dancers will be invited to attend an audition which will be held in The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Offices (3 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh) on Sunday 16 February 2020. Audition times will be allocated after the application closing date. 

All overseas dancers will be allocated a date to submit an online audition once their application has been received.

Application Form