Mini Movers Dance Licensee Training

Given the action-packed conference this year, for those able to attend, Helen has decided to continue to offer on-line training for Mini Movers Dance Licensees to complete in your own time, instead of a face-to-face 3-hour course; thus, meaning you don’t have to miss other lectures. Likewise, it means that those unable to attend conference can still become Licensees this year too!

The cost is just a ‘one off’ £150 training fee (after which, the annual licence remains free to all UKAdance members, saving you £200 annually). You will receive syllabus training in the form of videos, a delivery manual, licenced music, marketing graphics and templates as well as a zoom/facetime meeting to answer questions and discuss success tips.

Mini Movers Dance combines dance, drama and song into an irresistible mix, suitable for your dance school, nurseries, toddler groups, children’s centres and private birthday parties. This unique syllabus is specifically designed for young children to do with their parent/carer. Lively and colourful sessions are focussed on physical activity and songs themed around well-known nursery rhymes that youngsters love.

We believe that the earlier we can introduce children to the dancing bug, the more coordinated and flexible they are likely to be and become long-term members of our dance schools. We also believe that we need to attract youngsters into our schools from an early age before they become committed to other sports.

By adding Mini Movers Dance to your timetable, you can increase your customer base and your daytime revenue as well as draw youngsters into dance and performing arts. Over 120 Dance Teachers across the UK are already delivering Mini Movers Dance classes - become a licensee today and see the benefits for yourself!

As an approved UKA licensee, you will receive the life-long IP rights to deliver the trade-marked brand anywhere in the UK without any further charges. Non-UKA members will continue to pay the £200 annual fee.

Contact Helen Jones directly to discuss/book your training or call her on 07783 000371.

Upon completion of the training, you will receive a UKA/MMD Diploma Certificate.